RSU #34 Educators are working hard to meet students' physical, academic, social, and emotional needs.  

On school physical closure, our staff and community volunteers sent students 天天乐棋牌 with packets of learning resources - you can use these at any time ().  Educators have attempted to connect with every student, to determine what resources they have and need to participate in our remote learning efforts.  Teachers at all grade levels are using a combination of low-tech and higher-tech means of continuing learning.  

At the elementary grades, many learning resources have been distributed to students at their houses, to support ramped up remote learning beginning April 6th.  Beginning April 6th, each week of school for grades K-5 will be organized around a "BINGO Board" for the week.  Each student will work to earn three BINGOs, and can do more if they'd like!

Week-to-week, a link will be posted here the Thursday before each week's packet "starts" - for example the packet for the week of April 13th will be posted by Thursday 4/9.  This early distribution is so families can print and be ready for the week's start on Monday.  Copies will also be available at the schools and via the bus runs on Thursday, Friday, and Monday.  Please be patient - let your kids and their teachers recharge over the weekend!  Teachers will begin supporting the week's learning on Monday mornings.  

At Leonard Middle School, we are organizing learning by grade levels that include the grade level teachers, a special education teacher, 2 unified arts teachers, and several educational technicians. Each grade level team will create and share a learning board each week, with required and optional activities. Most of the learning engagement will be through Google docs, with packets going 天天乐棋牌 each Thursday for students who do not have access. This will begin on April 6.

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